Firstly, It’s tough! I have not yet had that magic phone call to say that one of my picture book manuscripts have been accepted for publication by a traditional publishing company. However, like many writers, I write because I love it and therefore will continue to write regardless of publishing success (or lack thereof).

Of course there is the option of self-publishing, which no longer comes with the kind of stigma that self-publishing has had in the past. There are many successful authors who began their journey by self publishing and have had extremely successful writing careers. The landscape has…

A few simple ideas for making the back-to-school process as smooth as possible to set your children up for a great year.

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Well, the school holidays are drawing to an end and so the prep work has begun to get organised for our current crew of 7 to go back to school. This is a new one for me. With 4 biological kiddos we have always been considered a ‘large family’ but with 3 extra foster kids this year the anti has been well and truly upped.

The biggest challenge here is that our children will be going to 3 different schools. Yes! Three! While our oldest child heads off for his first year at high school, our newest additions attend a…

The daily struggles of managing high functioning anxiety

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When we think of anxiety, it is easy to focus on those who suffer from devastating disorders that impact a person’s ability to lead a normal kind of life. We think of those with depression who find it difficult to get out of bed, or those who have unbearable phobias or frequent panic attacks. But there is another kind of anxiety that isn’t well-researched or understood, yet growing numbers of people claim to experience its impact on a daily basis.

High-functioning anxiety is not officially recognised as an anxiety disorder, possibly because…

Simple strategies for improving your mental health and wellbeing

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We hear it all the time.

I don’t have time to worry about myself.

I’m too tired.

I feel selfish when I take time for myself.

So many mothers place themselves under intense pressure to be perfect parents. They feel guilty when they don’t meet their own high expectations and experience anxiety and worry about failing at such an important job. …

And what the reality actually is

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I always knew I would have a big family. I remember telling my mother when I was about 12 years old that one day I was going to have 6 kids. She had laughed at the idea and was sure I would change my mind later in life. My husband and I have welcomed 4 biological children into our lives. We had the four children over a 6 year period and life sure was busy during those early years. …

8 practical tips for big families

Image by Author

I was always destined to be a mother of many; however the journey to get there has not been quite as expected. After having four biological children, my husband and I grew a heart for foster care and decided that we could open our home to children who needed a safe place to land. As of right now, we are preparing for a sibling group of 3 to join us for a while. That will mean 7 kids under our roof. Oh, and my husband and I both work full-time.

Let me be clear…

5 quick tips for new parents to save money on baby expenses

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Finding out that you are expecting is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. The anticipation of a new baby’s arrival brings joy and wonder, and it can be so much fun to begin shopping for baby products and equipment to fill a nursery.

One only needs to take a trip to Kmart to see the huge variety of baby products on sale, and it can be tempting to purchase far more than is actually necessary for a new baby. …

Learning to love my post baby body

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I have never been comfortable with my body. As a teen, I was teased for being too thin, yet despite this I was still concerned about sitting down to reveal the barely-there tummy roles which I thought were ugly. I didn’t like the faint blue veins that were evident under my skin and I didn’t like the way I blushed from my head to my chest. I also didn’t like my frizzy hair and giant feet. There was just so many things I didn’t like about myself and my body and these feelings remained as I grew.

As I look…

Six super-fast family recipes made from the most versatile pantry staple

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As a young mum, I had my four children across a span of 6 years — and nope, no twins. I remember those early days where I felt that I was literally running from the time my feet hit the ground in the morning until I fell into bed exhausted at the end of the day. With my little ones at home, it seemed like I spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing meals and snacks to alleviate the constant whine of ‘mum, I’m hungry.’

During those…

A mother’s journey with a child who doesn’t feel pain

Levi with his super cool helmet — image by author

Our Levi came into the world on 24th June 2013. He arrived in a very undramatic text book kind of birth, which in itself is quite out of character for this little fire cracker. He was an easy baby. The youngest of four children and the kind of baby that would go with the flow and sleep anywhere. We were amazed when at five months old Levi was able to zoom around the house in a baby walker. By nine months old he was running. At this point in our…

Kylie Tull

Hi! I am full-time working mum of 4 who also happens to be a book-obsessed writer.

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